2005 Display

The 2005 Display was High Voltage Christmas' first major display. The show consisted of four songs, totalling almost 10 minutes. After a slow start, the display was featured in the Castro Valley Form during its third week. After the article was published, crowds began to form at each of the shows, with the 7:00pm show being the most popular. Since there was only one week left before the end of the season, the total visitor count still remained low.

The 2005 Display featured 13,400 mini-lights, most of which were multi-colored. It also included 75 C7 multi-colored lights and 45 clear C9 lights. There were only 2 blowmolds and 1 wireframe, as I have never been enthralled with them. The biggest features for the 2005 year were the rows on the ground and the columns on the roof. It was all connected with almost 2 miles of electrical wire and could draw a maximum of 89 amps.