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Welcome to the High Voltage Christmas website. High Voltage Christmas is a computer controlled Christmas Display. High Voltage Christmas originally started back in 2004. After the first, small year, which served as a testing year, the display received a new logo and name. It has been known as High Voltage Christmas ever since.

High Voltage Christmas is a community sponsored display, and it is the community that deserves the credit. Without the support and assistance of the neighbors, and community as a whole, the display would not exist. Still, there are a few people who deserve thanks in particular: the Melo Family, without whom many of the display's features would not exist; the Nunez Family, whose support has lifted the display to new heights (quite literally in this case); the Hayes Family, whose help and support created one of the biggest additions to the display; the Del Favero Family who provided the images for the video, and last, but certainly not least, Susan Negrin, a neighbor who has supported the display from the beginning and whose willingness to help has gone above and beyond anything imaginable.

The 2010 Display began on 12/14 at 7pm. We had a successful test run at midnight, on 12/12 and once again on 12/13. The 2010 display closed on Christmas Day, December 25, with the final showing at 8pm. This was the final year for High Voltage Christmas. We thank you for all the wonderful times we have had.