2008 Display

The 2008 Display was much the same as the previous years. It went live on December 6th, 2009 and closed, as usual, on Christmas Day. We were fortunate to have an article in the Sunday edition of The Daily Review on December 21. Many people visited the display this year, and we were fortunate to not have any mishaps or accidents. Although there was minor damage to some of the display and equipment from the rain, there was not any irreparable damage. The "White Christmas" finale was not seen this year. It was a rather expensive effect and 2007's reception was not what I hoped it would be. Over the year, the sign was rebuilt and refinished. It held up better to the rain than it did when it was new. Also new for this year were two new present boxes designed to protect and disguise the new, higher-powered display speakers.

All of the songs were from the previous two years. There were big plans in the works for 2008, but there was not enough time to work out all the kinks. These may be included in a any future display. There were a few behind the scenes enhancements, but nothing that the public would notice. In 2008 we had 22,386 lights which could draw 115 amps through nearly 3 miles of electrical wire.

There is a short highlight reel of the 2007 display located here.