2006 Display

The 2006 Display turned out wonderfully. There was only one major problem with the display that caused it to be shut down for only that night. Thank goodness there were no traffic jams or neighbor issues. After the article in the Oakland Tribune and Daily Review was run, the nightly traffic picked up to almost 60 people per show! The show count topped out at 100 people for the 7:00 pm show on Christmas Eve.

The newest addition was the 20' tall MegaTree. The MegaTree featured 6,000 mini-lights in two colors. It seemed that people were mesmerized by it. Another less noticable addition was the switch from C7 lights around the roof to C9 lights. This also allowed me to control each color in three different groups.

Once completed, the show went live on Sunday, December 3. It had a total of 17,330 mini-lights, 95 C9 lights, and 50 C7 lights. I kept the ground rows and roof columns from the previous year. Everything was connected by 2.9 miles of electrical wire and was syncronized to music. I kept all of the songs from the previous year, and rearranged them with the four new songs to create two nine minute shows. This year also featured a low power FM radio station simulcast of the display audio. This way, people could still see the show in the rain without having to leave their cars. 2006 was by far the most popular year.