2007 Display

The 2007 Display was larger than any of the displays pervious, however, the crowds were the smallest. Further complicating things was the infrastructure upgrade. After the first year of testing, and two additional years of heavy use, much of the supporting infrastructure needed upgrades. As this could only be completed during the display load in precess, things were considerably delayed. The display did not go live until December 12. This was too late to have a newpaper article, and as a result the crowds were mostly those who came in previous years and remembered us.

All of the songs were from the previous two years and were only upgraded to include the additional display enhancements. These included a third color for the MegaTree, a color chasing 'tree' , and a truely "White Christmas" finale. In 2007 we finally broke the 20,000 Christmas Light milestone. The total light count was 21,250 lights which could draw 115 amps through 3 miles of electrical wire.

There is a short highlight reel of the 2007 display located here.