2010 Tech Facts

Since the 2010 display will be the last, we will break our usual form and release some quick technical facts about the display.

The 2010 display:

  • is 9 minutes and 35 seconds long
  • features 22,974 lights
  • required over 160 audio and lighting revisions (47 and 116 respectively)
  • can draw just under 10,00 watts continuous and just over 12,00 watts surge (specifically, 9.9kW and 12.5kW)
  • features 4 separate channels of audio playback
  • consumes 8.63GB of computer disk space (1.78GB for audio, 6.74GB for the video, .11GB for everything else)
  • has over 3,100 lighting events individually synchronized by hand
  • is controlled with 144 channels
  • has 1/100 second resolution
  • requires roughly 4,200 feet of extension cord
  • has a 12-section MegaTree (each section is 60' long in three separate colors)
  • has 120 individual strobe lights
  • features high definition, frame synchronized video
  • utilizes over 500' of audio cable to deliver the audio to the speakers
  • has a video subsystem that is controlled by an industrial controller with in-house programming
  • requires three seperate show controllers to operate
  • utilizes industrial ethernet, ASCII serial, RS-485, and analog signaling methods